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How to get the Fastest Internet Connection
How to get the Fastest Internet Connection
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If you have connection problems during class, you may notice a white connection icon in the lower right corner next to your name on your video stream. Below are a few ways to improve your connection. Note that Forum has a minimum connection speed to run effectively.

Connect via Ethernet

We recommend using a wired Ethernet connection. This will give you the fastest possible connection on a given network.

Change Your Physical location

If you are wirelessly connecting to the Internet, move as close as you can to the nearest Wifi access point (AP). Relatedly, look for areas where there are fewer people sharing the same wireless network.

Close Other Applications

When using Forum, close any other unneeded applications, windows, and browser tabs that might be connected to the Internet.

Turn Off Other Devices

Turn off any other devices that might be connected to the Internet.

Ask Support For Help

In cases of extremely weak connections, Live Tech Support can move you to Audio Only mode. See Contacting Live Support for more information.

Take the System Check

Before or after class, you can check your connection via the System Check. Note that running the System Check during class will temporarily remove you from the class and take 1 - 3 minutes to complete.

To start, click the question mark icon and select the System Check menu item:

Click Start to begin the test. Ensure that your connection speed is satisfactory, and you have connected to the necessary services to run Forum.

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