Blocked Camera Access

When using Google Chrome, for Forum to use your built-in webcam and mic, site permissions must be set to ‘Allow’. Once you enter a class you are prompted to allow or block microphone and camera access. Select Allow.

If you are not prompted, click the lock icon in the upper left by the URL bar. Set Camera and Microphone to ‘Allow’. Refresh the page after changing these permissions.

Other Applications Using the Camera

Other applications using your camera may prevent Forum from detecting your camera. Therefore, be sure to close other applications that access your camera when using Forum.

Incorrect Webcam Selected

To change your camera source, click Audio and Video Preferences under the gear icon.

Then select the camera source you would like to use.

External Webcam Access (Mac)

Sometimes Forum may not recognize an external webcam that you would like to use in Selected Camera, though it will recognize it in Selected Mic. To solve this in terminal - type sudo killall VDCAssistant , enter your password and then you may have to restart Forum, but sometimes you'll be able to select the correct camera right away.

Check your System Settings

Make sure your computer is configured to allow media access.

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