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Closing Other Applications
Closing Other Applications
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When using Forum, it is important to close unnecessary tabs and programs. You can have notes open in another tab, but it is important not to run unnecessary programs (e.g., Spotify, Slack, WhatsApp, etc.) in the background.

Having additional programs and tabs running will make your computer work harder, making Forum slower and your overall class experience worse.

Close Unnecessary Tabs in Chrome

We recommend closing unnecessary tabs open in Chrome and closing other browsers.

Closing Programs on Mac Activity Monitor

Open the Activity Monitor by pressing Command + Space and typing "Activity Monitor", or find it in your Applications folder in Finder.

Sort Processes by CPU

Click the CPU tab, then the “% CPU” column heading to sort by high-demanding CPU applications. Any non-essential application that is using a significant percentage of your CPU should be quit either by switching to the application and pressing Command + Q, or highlighting the application in the Activity Monitor and then clicking the "X" icon on the toolbar

Sort Processes by Memory

Similarly, click the Memory tab and then the memory column header. Find applications with high memory usage and quit them.

Closing Programs on Windows Task Manager

Open the Task Manager from your search bar.

Sort Processes by CPU

Click CPU to sort processes in descending order. Check which programs are using the most CPU. Right-click on processes you don't need to close them

Sort Processes by Memory

By default, Windows 10 sorts the processes by the most memory consuming first. Just like with CPU, select programs that are using a lot of memory and close them to improve your class experience.

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