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Filtering and the Participant Bar
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Participant Bar

In the classroom, the participant bar at the top of the screen contains user videos. If the class has a large number of people, the number of additional participants is indicated with a ‘+’ on the right of the bar. Clicking this ‘+’ will open the directory.

Number of Students

You can select the number of videos to appear in the participant bar on the Class Edit page. Additional students who are present will be noted with the ‘+’ and can be rotated to appear in the participant bar in a variety of ways.

The simplest way to change the students on the participant bar is to press the “Shuffle Students” button, which will fill the bar and stage with new students.

Reactions and signals filtering

Signals include emotional reactions, the hand raise icon, and yes/no voting icons. Clicking any of the signals in the sidebar, as a starred participant, will bring matching participants to the stage (and participant bar if not present).

When an instructor uses any of the reaction icons to apply a filter, the reaction icon that matches the filter will remain on student videos and stage until:

  • Another filter is selected

  • The “Shuffle Students” button is clicked

  • Someone else is added to the stage

  • The timeline step is changes

If you want to clear all signals (reactions, hand raise, yes and no), click the "Clear All Signals" option.

For more information, see Reactions.

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