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Class Edit Page and Tabs
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As an instructor, you see five tabs on a class page:

  • Basic Class Info

  • Polls & Breakouts

  • Focused Outcomes

  • People

  • Options

Basic Class Info

On this tab, you can see the class title, and the time and date of the class. Pre-loaded resources for the class (i.e, a PDF for a planned activity) are found here. There is also the option to add new resources, such as files, URLs, or files from Google Drive that can be used in class.

Polls & Breakouts

On this tab you can create polls and breakouts. Available poll types include multiple choice, ‘Yes/No’, and Long Form. Enter the poll question, answer choices if appropriate, and set other options before clicking Add Poll.

Scroll further down to create breakouts. You can upload resources in the classroom to use in breakouts, and select from those resources under “Document to display”.

When you are finished designing the breakout, click Add Breakout. The breakout will be listed in the “Breakout Groups Prepared for Class” section of this page, as well as in the classroom under “Available Breakouts”.

Within “Breakout Groups Prepared for Class”, click the name of the breakout to see the participants who have been assigned to the different breakout groups. You can drag and drop students between groups as desired.

Focused Outcomes Added

If you plan to assess students on a specific Outcome, this would be helpful to add here for students to see in class. Focused Outcomes can be edited in more detail in Course Builder. If the class has Focused Outcomes defined in Course Builder, you will see them here.


Under the People tab, you can add and remove Assistants, Backup Instructors, Students, Guest Instructors, TAs and Observers.


On this tab, you can change the class name, date and other settings. In the Settings section, check the following checkboxes if desired:

  • “Closed class” means that only people listed on the ‘People’ tab have access to the class.

  • “Record class” means that video of the class should be recorded and saved.

  • “Allow audio only” allows students to change themselves to audio only during the class if needed or desired. For more information, see this article that gives more information on how to switch to Audio Only.

“Lesson plan type” refers to the teaching modality for the class meeting. By default, this will be the type specified for the associated lesson plan in Course Builder. If you need to teach in a modality different than the one for which the lesson plan is intended, simply select your desired Lesson Plan Type and click the “Change Modality” button in the modal that appears. Changes made to the lesson plan type on the class level will persist despite any changes to the lesson plan type in Course Builder.

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