Before you begin your class, Forum will check to ensure access to your camera, microphone, and headphones. If you encounter a problem during the AV check, see common microphone issues or common video issues for more information.

Ready for class

When entering class, you will be asked to run the AV Test. Push the Start button.

Your AV test will be complete once the progress bar is completely filled, as shown below.

If a working webcam and microphone are detected, you will see a notification that reads, “You’re ready for class.”

Confirm microphone levels by checking the bar at the bottom of the video feed. When you speak, the bar will move to show the level of detected sound. If the bar reaches up to a level where it’s green, then you are ready for class. If the bar only moves a small amount and remains red, your input audio is very quiet and may not be heard by others. If the bar does not move when you speak, then your microphone is not picking up any sound.

Selecting a camera and microphone

The AV check gives you the option to select a specific webcam or microphone. Click Show Preferences to view these options.

Use the drop-down menus to select your preferred camera and microphone. You can click Play Test Sound to check that your headphones are working and set to a comfortable volume level.

Clicking Finish Test will end the AV test and bring you into the classroom with your currently selected settings.


When Forum cannot detect or access your camera and/or microphone, the warning, “We could not access your camera or microphone” may appear. Visit our common microphone issues or common video issues articles for more information.

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