Publishing a Lesson Plan
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Publishing a Lesson Plan

Publishing changes on a lesson plan will push your changes to all corresponding sections in Forum. To learn more about the relationship between Forum and Course Builder, see this article.

Only course Reviewers and Administrators can publish a lesson plan to Forum. If you do not see the button to publish, make sure you have the correct role.

If you are an Author on the course (indicated by a pencil icon in the top right of the course card on the Dashboard), you will not be able to publish your changes. After you’ve made your edits, please notify a course Reviewer or Course Builder Administrator to publish your changes to Forum. Learn more about Course Builder Roles here.

Tip: Publish lesson plans far in advance. Lesson plans can take up to 4+ hours to publish, and publishing changes during, or close to the start of class cause severe issues for participants.

Before publishing a new lesson plan, please verify that:

  • The syllabus has been published and the course appears in Forum. Note that it can take a little while to appear in Forum after the first publishing. If the syllabus was already published, but you still don’t see the Course in Forum, either a course Reviewer or Administrator should republish the course syllabus.

  • At least one Forum Section has been configured for the course. To confirm this, open Forum and locate your course and its sections. If the only section you see is titled “Testing,” your course likely hasn’t been configured. Ask an Administrator to set the Section Information for your course before proceeding. This involves giving the section a title, selecting the class length, and picking the Section Meeting times.

If you try to publish a lesson plan that has not been configured in Forum, you will see this error:

Once you’ve confirmed you’re ready to publish, click on the cloud icon in the top right of the lesson plan page and click Publish.

You’ll see a notification if publishing succeeds, or if something goes wrong.

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