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Using a Bluetooth Headset
Using a Bluetooth Headset
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If you are using a bluetooth headset on Forum, there are few ways to ensure the headset is connected and ready for class, to avoid common microphone issues.

Connecting Your Headset to your Computer

If you have used your bluetooth headset on your computer before, you may be able to skip this step. Otherwise, follow your headset’s instructions for connecting (sometimes referred to as “pairing”) to your computer.

Selecting Your Headset in Forum

Perform an AV Check to ensure Forum has access to your headset microphone and speakers.

Troubleshooting Connection to Bluetooth Headset

If your bluetooth headset is not appearing under the microphone and audio output, ensure that your bluetooth headset is not connected to another device. If you were using the bluetooth headset on another device or program, ensure that it is disconnected, so it can be detected by Forum.

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