A System Check will help determine if your device meets the minimum system requirements needed to attend classes on Forum.

To run a system check, log into Forum and click on the “?” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and select, System Check.

When prompted to begin the system check, press the Start button to begin.

You will see the progress bar fill as the test progresses. Please note, pressing Skip will result in a failed, or aborted result. Please allow for the entire check to finish.

Once the System Check is completed, you will see the results. If you have received an error message, you can attempt to take the advice from the error message or contact tech support for assistance.

Once you have passed, you may click next to continue. An additional pre-class check will be prompted to make sure that your machine is also prepared for class. You can continue or skip if no classes are scheduled.

If you receive an error during this test, please reach out to your program coordinator or email helpdesk@minervaproject.com for assistance.

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