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Assessing Makeup Work
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Makeup work is the additional work students must submit when a class session is missed.

Navigating to Makeup Work Submissions

Makeup work will appear on the Forum homepage for instructors under the section Makeup Assignments to Assess, along with the submission status of the makeup work. The possible submission statuses are:

  • Not Submitted

  • Submitted

  • Submitted (Late)

  • Not Submitted (Overdue)

Instructors can also access student makeup work by clicking on Absences under the Grading section, in the navigation menu on the home page.

On the absences page you can see all your courses, and the students enrolled. Each class module contains absence information for each student. This includes sessions missed, date of absence, and makeup work submission status. The Excused, Documented, and Notes columns are for you to toggle or fill in based on the absence, and quality of work submitted.

Viewing Makeup work

Click on Submitted next to the missed session to view a student’s makeup work.

Clicking Submitted takes you to the assignment grader, where you can view the submission, and apply grades—the same way you assess an assignment. Once you have finished viewing the makeup work, ensuring it is satisfactory, click Excuses the absence.

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