To grade assignments, go to the specific assignment, and select either Grade Assignment or Blind Grade Assignment. Blind grading allows you to grade without seeing student names.

How to Grade an Assignment

To give feedback on a specific sentence or section of the assignment, highlight the relevant text and a popup will appear. Choose the Outcome you are assessing, select a score, and add a comment with it.

Scores and comments you’ve saved will appear in the “Assignment Grades & Comments” module. The “Outcomes to Be Assessed” module tells you if you have graded all of the foregrounded outcomes.

To grade another assignment submission, select a student from the dropdown, or click ‘Prev’ or ‘Next’ to move to the next submission.

To download a submission, click a student’s assignment, and then click the gear icon in the upper right corner. Finally, click Download Submission to download the individual submission or Download All Submissions to download all submissions.


This is a faculty convenience, intended to help an instructor keep track of their own assessment work. The status is not shown to students at any time, and does not affect the visibility of scores or comments. The instructor can toggle between ‘Not Graded’, ‘Complete’ or ‘Incomplete’ depending on their own progress in grading the assignment.

Publishing Grades

When the assignment is finished being graded and ready to publish, the instructor can click the cloud icon to publish the assignment grades, where students can see the assessment. To unpublish the grades, click the check mark icon. Instructors can toggle between these options.

Similarity Score

This module displays the results of automated plagiarism detection provided by Unicheck. An instructor can see additional details by visiting the Unicheck site directly. Plagiarism detection may be turned on or off at the Organization level. If you do not see the Similarity Score module and are interested in using plagiarism detection, contact your Account Manager.

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