Plagiarism Detection
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Plagiarism Detection

Forum provides automated plagiarism detection for PDF assignments via Turnitin, a third party service provider. A similarity score is presented in the Assignment Grader and an instructor can see additional details by visiting the Turnitin site directly.

Understanding the Similarity Score

For any PDF submitted for an assignment, Forum will try to present a single similarity score received from Turnitin. This score represents Turnitin’s best effort at showing how similar the submitted document is to online sources as well as previously submitted assignments.

The similarity score is color coded as follows:

  • 0 - 5% Green

  • 6 - 19% Orange

  • 20%+ Red

Viewing more detail about a PDF’s similarity score

Clicking on Full Report next to a given resource in the Assignment Grader will take you to the Turnitin Report for that PDF.

Turnitin provides a full-featured report to help you understand any similarities for a given PDF.

For more information about how to make the most of Turnitin’s similarity reports, see the Turnitin Report Guide and the Turnitin Instructor’s Guide.

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