You can see and edit all class meetings—past and future, published or not—on the section calendar. This makes it easy to confirm that classes are scheduled as expected for the entire term.

Section calendar overview

To find the calendar, go to the section page and click “Edit Section”.

Class meetings are represented by colored circles on the calendar:

  • Green: Class meetings with a published lesson

  • Gray: Class meetings whose lesson plan is not yet published. These class meetings are not visible to participants

  • Blue: Optional class meetings (no lesson plan will be used and no attendance will be taken)

  • Pink: Holidays

Class meetings can be added, edited, and removed directly from the calendar. You can change future class meeting times, regardless of their publication status of the LP. Changes to the section start date and the section meeting pattern will cause future classes to be rescheduled.

For ease of scheduling, all dates and times on the section edit page are displayed in the timezone of the section. The timezone will be displayed on the class meeting if you hover over the time.

Elsewhere on Forum class times and dates are displayed in your computer's local time zone.

How do I edit the date, time or duration of a class?

To edit the date and/or time of a single class, click the Edit button on the class meeting:

Choose the new date, time and class duration for the class meeting, and click Save.

Note that all dates and times on the section edit page and section calendar are displayed in the timezone of the section.

How do I add a class meeting?

If you would like to add a class meeting on a date that doesn’t have one, select the date and click “Add Class Meeting.” Forum will automatically place the next lesson plan (using sequential numbering) on that date, and automatically adjust other lesson plans after that date so that they run in order.

How do I delete a class meeting?

If there is a date with a circle that should not have a class meeting, select the date and click “Delete Class Meeting”. This works for both meetings with published lesson plans (green) and those without (gray). Forum will automatically move any lesson plan on that date to the next class meeting and will adjust all following lesson plans accordingly.

Class meetings in the past cannot be deleted or moved to a different date. However, if something went wrong with that class and you need to run it again, you can click “Repeat Lesson Plan” and enter a new date on which to run that same lesson plan again. See this article for more information.

How do I change the meeting times for all classes in a section?

To update the meeting times for all class meetings in the section, you can simply change the day and time fields of each Section Meeting. Be sure to scroll down and click Save to apply these changes.

If Forum detects there are some class meetings that have been manually moved to a custom time from the originally set Section Meeting times, it will present the below alert when you click Save. The alert will list the classes that were moved from the original Section Meeting time.

  • Choose Update All to update all class meetings, including the class meetings moved from the originally scheduled time (listed in the alert), to the new Section Meeting time.

  • Choose Keep These Times to update all class meetings except for the meetings listed in the alert to the new Section Meeting time.

How do I change the meeting length for all classes in a section?

To update the class meeting lengths for all class meetings in the section, you can simply change the Class Length (Minutes) field. Be sure to click Save to apply these changes.

These changes will apply to all future and currently published class meetings in the section.

What is an optional class?

When adding a class meeting, there is a checkbox to make the class an “Optional Class”. This means that this class meeting will not have a lesson plan assigned from Course Builder. These class meetings are shown in blue on the calendar.

Optional classes are intended to represent class meetings that students do not have to attend. Attendance is not counted in optional classes.

You can add and remove optional classes from the calendar at any time but, like other class meetings, they cannot be changed once they are in the past.

How do I create a one-off class session?

To create a one-off class session, navigate to 'All Events' on your Forum dashboard.

Once here, select 'Create Classroom'. This creates a class session in your name.

You can then edit the date and time as well as decide whether to record the session, make it a closed or in-person class and allow audio-only in the options section. One-off classes can be found under 'Uncategorized classes' in the Courses section.

For more help on scheduling, see this FAQ article.

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