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Adding and Deleting Class Meetings
Adding and Deleting Class Meetings
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If you wish to add a class meeting or cancel/delete a class meeting, you can complete this task within Forum. To do this, you can follow the steps below starting with the Section Calendar. The instructions below outline how to add a new class meeting to a given section. These classes will be associated with a lesson plan.

Accessing the Section Calendar

Visit the Section page and click the button to access the Edit Section page on the right.

Once the new page loads, you’ll find the calendar on the right side of the page.

Adding a Class Meeting

  • Open the Section Calendar. Find and select the date on which you’d like to add a Class Meeting. Then, press “Add Class Meeting” (see below)

  • Choose a time for the class. The time zone is the Section’s time zone.

  • Select whether the class should be optional or not (see below for a description of Optional Classes)

  • Press Save

What is an Optional Class?

When adding a class meeting, there is a checkbox to make the class optional. This means that this class meeting will not have a lesson plan assigned from Course Builder. These class meetings are shown in blue on the calendar.

Optional classes are intended to represent class meetings that students do not have to attend. Attendance is not counted in optional classes.

You can add and remove optional classes from the calendar at any time but, like other class meetings, they cannot be changed once they are in the past.

Deleting a Class Meeting

To delete a class meeting, first open the Section Calendar and find the class meeting you’d like to delete. Once selected, delete the class by clicking the Remove action. You can only remove a class that is in the future.

Deleting the class meeting will not delete the associated lesson plan. Rather, it will shift the lesson plan (and all subsequent lesson plans) to the next class meeting.

You can also delete a class meeting from the Class Detail Page. Click the Reschedule Class link beside the Enter Class button.

In the modal that appears, and press the Remove button just as you would from the Section Calendar.

Note: This article references Course Builder. For more information please see information here.

If you'd like to create a class meeting for an event or a meeting that is not part of a course, visit the FAQ for instructions.

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