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Resetting a Class
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There are two different ways to reset a class in Forum: soft reset and hard reset.

Soft Reset

A soft reset returns all users to the main classroom (if they were in breakouts), deletes breakout sessions (but not work done inside breakout documents), resets the timeline to the beginning, clears the stage, clears the participant bar, and removes user signals. Soft resets are useful if you are experiencing a minor issue that is affecting the class but want to retain most class data (e.g. the timeline is stuck on a particular step).

To perform a soft reset, navigate to the Basic Class Info tab, and on the right side, click Soft Reset Class Session.

To soft reset from within the class, click the gear icon, and select Soft Reset Class Session.

Clicking Soft Reset Class Session will give you this pop-up:

Click OK. Another pop-up then shows you what has been updated:

Hard Reset

A hard reset does the same things as a soft reset but additionally deletes poll results, chat, talk time data, whiteboards and all class events. It will not delete any content in pre class work, Forum workbooks or code workbooks. Hard resets should only be performed if the currently saved class content is no longer needed.

To perform a hard reset, navigate to the Basic Class Info tab and click Hard Reset Class Session.

A pop-up then confirms that you wish to perform a hard reset, and another displays the updates made. Click OK to both.

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