The Talk Time feature helps you decide which student to call in order to achieve an equitable balance between speakers.

Viewing Talk Time

To see the current Talk Time, press and hold the ‘t’ key on your keyboard. This displays a color overlay on each student in the participant bar and a key to remind you of the meaning of each color. Green means go! Call on students who are green.

  • Green indicates a student has spoken less than 20% of average Talk Time

  • Yellow indicates a student has spoken between 20-80% of the average Talk Time

  • Red indicates a student has spoken more than 80% of the average Talk Time

The average Talk Time is calculated by taking the total student Talk Time in the classroom and dividing it by the number of students present. Note that the calculation for color overlays does not consider how much students talk in breakout groups.

Viewing Talk Time in the Directory

While the Talk Time feature is activated and the directory is displayed, the Talk Time color overlays student profile pictures. When the instructor deactivates the Talk Time feature the overlay stops. The Talk Time overlay is only visible to instructors, administrators, and other staff.

Focused on Forum

In addition to the colors, triggering the Talk Time overlay also shows an icon indicating students who are focused on a different application or tab other than Forum. This detection is based on the focus of their computer inputs (mouse and keyboard), and so does not necessarily indicate where a student’s cognitive attention is directed. It can be useful, however, to know which students have clicked away from class.

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