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Creating a New Breakout
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There are two ways to create a breakout: In the classroom, or on the class page.

Creating a New Breakout in the Classroom

On the toolbar in the classroom, you have the ability to create a new breakout, where you select the dropdown menus to decide how many groups, duration of breakouts, and how students will be sorted. After making these choices, click Create and Start to launch the breakout.

Creating a New Breakout on the Class Edit Page

In the top right corner of the classroom, if you click on the Settings (image of a gear) you exit the class and be brought to the class settings page. For more information, read this article on the Class Edit Settings page.

Within the Class Edit Settings, click on “Polls & Breakouts” to design and create breakouts before class. You have the same options as above to design the breakout. Though, you can pre-upload documents to exist within the breakout before class, under “Document to display”.

Once you are finished designing the breakout, click Add Breakout. It will now be stored under “Available Breakouts”. To find this, in the classroom toolbar click “Breakouts”, then click “Create a New Breakout”, which will show you the option to create a new breakout or start an available breakout, as shown below.

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