Viewing poll responses

To view poll responses:

  • Click either the Assess Class or Assess this Class button

  • Click the Polls button in the left hand menu

Assigning scores to polls

To add scores and comments to poll responses:

  • Select a specific poll to grade under the Jump To section of the lefthand menu. This will display all student responses on one page.

    • To navigate to a specific student's response, select the student from the Who dropdown menu

  • Click Add Assessment next to each response and fill in the desired score, comment and learning outcome

  • Click Save to save the assessment. You can also Delete to remove the assessment

  • To add more than one assessment to a response, click Add Assessment again

View instructor notes

Instructor notes are available in the poll grader so that you can easily reference notes that help with grading. To access these notes, click on View Instructor Notes at the top of the left hand menu. This will open the class notes relevant to that poll.

Blind grading

To anonymize student responses and protect against bias in grading, enable blind grading. You can do this by toggling the Blind Grading switch at the top left of the class grading page. Enabling this feature will hide all students' names within the poll grader.

Note that blind grading is only available for poll grading and assignment grading.

Publishing scores

To publish the scores for all students, click Unpublished in the upper right corner. A message will appear asking, "Are you sure you want to release these scores and comments to students?" Click OK to release the scores.

Assessing multiple poll responses with bulk assess

For improved efficiency, instructors can select multiple poll responses to add a score, outcome and comment. See Assessing Multiple Poll Responses with Bulk Assess for more information.

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