Viewing Poll Responses

To view poll responses, click either the Assess Class or Assess this Class button, as pictured below.

Assigning Scores to Polls

Click the Polls button to see the responses to polls conducted in the class.

To select a specific poll to grade, click the desired poll under the JUMP TO section.

Click Add Assessment, and fill in the desired score, comment, and learning outcome for each response. Click Save to save the score, or Delete to delete the score. To add multiple assessments to a poll response, click Add Assessment again.

To filter polls by student, click All Students and select the student you wish to score. Their poll responses will then appear for you to assess.

Publishing Scores

To publish the scores for all students, click Unpublished in the upper right. A message will appear asking, ‘Are you sure you want to release these scores and comments to students?’ Click OK to release the scores.

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