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Setting In-Person Class Locations
Setting In-Person Class Locations
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Forum offers two places to set a location for an in-person class meeting. This functionality is only available to users with permissions to edit the section and class settings.

The Section Class Location can be set when creating or editing a section on the Section Edit Page under the Settings heading.

  • Check the box to indicate that the section will meet in person.

  • A text input for Class Location will be displayed.

  • Enter your class location.

  • When you’re done editing the Section, press Save at the bottom of the page.

The location provided here will be used as the Class Location whenever a meeting in the section has “In-Person” as the selected Lesson Plan Type.

To edit the location for a single in-person class, please visit the Options Tab on the Edit Class Page.

Please note that changes to the Section Class Location will not be reflected on any classes that were modified directly from the Edit Class Page. Otherwise, editing the Section Class Location will update the location for its future in-person classes.

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