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Editing All Settings
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Editing All Settings

To edit settings that are not visible Using the Lesson Plan Editor, simply toggle the "View All Settings" switch in the top right corner to ON.

Understanding the lesson plan page

The lesson plan page has a few key navigational elements. The below numbers correspond to the numbers displayed in the above screenshot.

  1. The top bar of the lesson plan page contains information about the course, lesson plan number, lesson plan title and total duration of the lesson plan.

  2. These tabs allow you to switch between three different views:

    • Edit LP: This is the default view where you can make edits to the LP

    • View LP: This is a preview of the PDF LP that is displayed in Forum

    • Resources: This is where you can create and manage resources used in the LP, such as Pre-Class Workbooks, breakout resources, and more

  3. Basic Class Information is where you can set information displayed on the Forum Class page, such as Pre-Class Work. Fields that are visible to only instructors or instructors and students are marked as such (e.g. Purpose of Today's Session is visible only to instructors).

  4. This is the timeline for the lesson plan. The timeline represents the order and groupings of activities and steps that the instructor will go through when in the Forum classroom. Click on each step or activity to view more of its details.

Adding Activities and Steps

Editing lesson plans will mainly consist of adding or updating Activities and Steps. As an instructor in the Forum Classroom, you'll progress one step at a time. The Activity is just a grouping to help organize many steps. For example, an Activity called "Class Introduction" could consist of Steps such as a round of introductions, a course overview slide, and a slide introducing the learning objectives of the class. See the screenshot below of this Activity page with different Steps.

To add an Activity, click the Add an Activity button at the bottom of the lesson plan timeline. To add a step, click the Add a Step green button at the bottom of the Activity page:

From there, you can choose which pre-made Activity or Step to add to the lesson plan.

Adding resources to a lesson plan

In the resources tab of the lesson plan editor, you can edit existing resources or add new resources for use in the class. Uses in class include as breakout notes or featured on the main stage.

To edit an existing resource, select that resource from the current list of resources in the left-hand menu.

To add or create a new resource, open the drop down menu Choose resource type under Create a new Resource. You can create new resources that are listed in this dropdown menu (e.g., Google Documents, Whiteboard, Forum Code Workbooks), link secure urls (i.e., “https”) to show in class, or upload a resource from your computer. File types allowed for upload include pdf, jpg, png.

Adding and viewing comments

Only authors, reviewers and admins can leave comments on a lesson plan in Course Builder.

To add a comment, hover over the right margins of the lesson plan until you see a comment bubble appear. Click on the comment bubble, type in your comment and save. You can also view comments from your colleagues by clicking on existing comment bubbles. The numbers in the existing comment bubbles represent how many comments are in the thread.

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