Rescheduling Class Meetings
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When a Class Meeting Schedule is set, lesson plans are mapped to class meetings in the order they appear on the syllabus and will stay in this order unless rescheduled.

Sometimes classes need to be rescheduled or repeated. Luckily, you have the ability in Forum to reschedule or repeat a lesson plan on your own.

Rescheduling a Class Meeting

To reschedule a class meeting:

  • Visit its corresponding Class Detail page.

  • Click the Reschedule Class link beside the Enter Class button. This will trigger a modal containing the Section calendar.

  • Click Reschedule Class and then use the available form to specify a new date and/or time for the class meeting, you can also change the duration of the meeting.

  • Press the Save button when you’re done.

Note: The time you enter will be based on the Section’s time zone. This is indicated under the time input.

If you move a class meeting to be after a later class meeting or before an earlier class meeting, this will not impact the order of lesson plans. It will simply move the class meeting and associate it with the appropriate lesson plan per the sequence defined in Course Builder. If you need to rearrange the order of lesson plans in the course, please do so from Course Builder or speak to a Course Builder administrator.

Note: You cannot reschedule a class in the past.

If you are having difficulty rescheduling a class, please reach out to

Repeating a Lesson Plan

If you want to teach or reteach a lesson plan after the original class meeting, you can use the Repeat Lesson Plan feature.

When to use this feature:

  • If you need to reschedule class at the last minute and forget to make the change in Forum

  • If your class requires more time to complete the lesson plan content

  • If you’d like to repeat the entire class because of a technical issue or student absences.

To repeat a lesson plan, visit the Class Detail page for the lesson plan you’d like to repeat. Click the Repeat Lesson Plan link to the right of the Enter Class button. A modal with a calendar will open. Simply select the time you’d like to repeat the lesson plan and press save.

A few things to note:

  • When you create a class meeting by repeating a lesson plan, the class will not be optional. Attendance will be taken as usual.

  • The new class meeting will use the teaching modality that is specified in Course Builder. This may be different than the modality you taught the session in originally. To change the class modality, visit the Options tab on the Class page.

This feature is also available through the section calendar. You can access the calendar by clicking the “Edit Section” button on the Section page.

  • Using the calendar, find the class you’d like to repeat and select it.

  • Click Repeat Lesson Plan

  • Set the date and time for the repeat session and save

Will sessions created from repeating lesson plans be recorded?

Class meetings for repeated lesson plans will be recorded as long as the Record Classes setting is selected on the Section Edit page. View this page by navigating to the desired Section in Forum, clicking the Edit Section button on the right and checking the below setting.

Are repeat lesson plan classes optional?

When you create a class meeting by repeating a lesson plan, the class will not be optional. Attendance will be taken as usual.

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