Manual Attendance
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Instructors and administrators can review and manually update student attendance status.

Student attendance status for a given session is calculated automatically at the end of class. This calculation is based on the number of minutes the student was present or the number of minutes the student was late, compared to the minutes allowed to be missed as indicated in the attendance policy.

Viewing and updating attendance

The Attendance view can be found in the Grading section of the left-hand menu. You will see multiple filtering options at the top of the page. You can view attendance by section, student, or instructor, and will see additional dropdowns based on that initial selection.

Attendance for a given session will appear as soon as that session has finished, and instructors and administrators can update student attendance (Present, Late, or Absent), as well as the associated type (Unexcused, Excused, Documented, or Expunged):

  • For organizations with makeup work enabled, unexcused absences will result in makeup work being created and assigned to the absent student

  • Excused, documented, or expunged absences will all result in the associated makeup work being excused, and the student will be notified. The impact each absence type has on a student’s attendance record will vary based on your organization’s attendance policies

When make-up work is submitted, the status will update accordingly.

Email notifications

Absence emails will be sent to students if that option has been turned on for your organization. All notifications can be turned off unless indicated otherwise by your organization. When absence emails are turned on, students who are automatically marked absent at the end of class are sent emails notifying them of their attendance status and the assigned makeup work. An additional email will be sent to students as a result of subsequent manual changes to their attendance status from Absent to Present, or vice versa. Note that these emails will be sent after a 5-minute delay to account for mistakes that are quickly reversed.

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