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Unpublishing a Class
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Unpublishing a Class

Under certain circumstances, an instructor may wish to cancel a class or lesson plan in Forum. Reasons to want to want to perform this action may include: cancellation of a class with no intention of reschedule, accidental publishing of an unwanted session, or cancellation with no intent for make-up session material, etc.

How to Unpublish a Class

To unpublish a class, go to the section page of your course. Click on the class session you wish to cancel or unpublish. Once on the class page, click Unpublish Session in the upper right corner. It is possible to unpublish classes before and after they occur.

Once this is done, you will see the session listed on the section page with a new Unpublished status next to the session title.

Student View of an Unpublished Class

Unpublishing a session will make that class invisible to normal class participants (students/learners). Unpublishing a class will remove the session from the list under the Section page.

Student View

Instructor View of an Unpublished Class

After unpublishing a class session, the session will still show up on the section page, but will have the Unpublished status next to the lesson’s title. It will stay visible to the instructor as it is not deleted completely.

Instructor View

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