Workbooks in Breakouts
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Workbooks in Breakouts


All breakout workbooks/docs are created in Course Builder, on the "Resources" page of the lesson plan editor. If you do not have access to Course Builder, please contact your program manager to assist with this feature. If you do have access to Course Builder, please see the below information on how to use this feature.

Workbooks vs Forum Docs

Workbooks are a Minerva Resource that allow students to collaborate on work within a breakout, similar to Forum Docs. Students can work on Forum workbooks during breakout sessions.

The main difference between Forum Docs and Forum Workbooks is that Docs are unstructured documents and Workbooks are structured. Hence, authoring and use of them are also different: Docs are filled with content by an instructor and then just copied as-is for use. Workbooks are created using a mix of exercises or questions that students can fill out, and instructions that are read-only. Furthermore, Workbooks can be assigned as pre-class work, Docs can't. Workbooks can be rolled up, which means you can view a summary of all the student answers for a particular question within the Workbook.

Accessing Workbooks

Workbooks are listed as resources on the class page and only the instructor can see them. Workbooks cannot be edited from the class resources tab. The instructor can make the link visible to students. Again, students cannot edit pre-existing information in the workbook even when provided with the link.

When a breakout using that resource starts, all the workbooks/docs in the breakouts will be copied from that resource. It is important to note breakout workbooks cannot always be edited after class (only if the workbook is opened in a separate tab during the breakout). Also, note that the docs do not carry over into other classes afterward (unless they are separately uploaded).

Generally, instructors have rights to edit student copies of workbooks during breakouts) however, the workbook template created in Course Builder remains unaffected unless it is edited in Course Builder. Students can only edit the workbooks if they access them from inside the breakout. Students can open the workbook in a separate tab, in which case it stays accessible and editable after class has ended.

When accessed through the resource list on the class page, or when accessed through the session review (class grader), the workbooks are read-only.

Students can only edit the workbook when actively inside breakouts, or if they "pop out" the workbook during the breakout.

Note: Whether the workbook in a breakout is editable solely depends on where the link to the breakout is clicked. For example, if clicked from the class resource list, it will be shown as read-only. It's possible for a student to have an editable and a read-only version in different tabs.

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