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Viewing Live Captions in Class
Viewing Live Captions in Class
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Viewing Live Captions in Class

There are two ways to access live captions on Forum.

For the most accurate captions, we suggest that Organizations invite a Captioner to attend class and transcribe the conversation through the Forum interface.

There’s also an option to turn on captions for any Forum class, without a Captioner, by using Chrome’s Live Captions accessibility setting.

Enabling Live Captions with Chrome

Access the Chrome Settings menu by clicking the three dots in the top right corner of your browser and clicking Settings.

In the window that opens, click Accessibility in the sidebar menu.

Toggle on the Live Captions switch.

Now, when you enter a Forum classroom and there is a conversation happening, you should see a black box with captions displayed at the bottom of your screen. You can move or enlarge the box as desired.

Enabling Live Captions with a Captioner in Forum

Organizations have the option to set up Live Captioning for participants in the classroom to make classroom information more accessible.

If your institution has set up Live Captioning, any participant in that class can enable this feature for themselves. Participants do not need to be the student with specific accommodations needs to use this feature. It is accessible if enabled for all.

To enable captions in the classroom, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the class page, then select, Show Captions.

Enabling live captions from user settings in Forum

Once a user chooses to enable live captions, Forum will remember that preference and will display captions for all available classes.

Student tips

  • Help captioners get to the right breakout room using @Captioner - if you need live captions and the captioner is not in your breakout room, you can notify your professor and the Captioner in the class chat. Use the handle @Captioner

  • Enable captions from settings menu within the classroom, OR the user profile page - Captions are available to turn on from the Settings (gear icon) menu in Forum from within the classroom. You can also enable captions from your user profile page. While Live Captions are enabled, the User will see captions for any class for which they are available. If a user enables captions during a class that does not have Live Captioning available, they’ll see a notification explaining this.

  • Check the Classroom header to see if captions are available. If a Class is expecting support for Live Captions there will be a gray indicator in the Classroom header. The indicator turns green to signal that the Captioner is present in the Classroom and ready to start captioning.

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