Adding an Assignment
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You can add assignments in the “Assignments” section of the syllabus by selecting “Add a new assignment.” You will be asked to provide the following information to create an assignment.

  • Title of the assignment: keep this brief and informative

  • Assignment weighting: this number is used to weight individual scores on LOs that are assessed in the assignment once submitted (if you are using Assignment Grader to assess written work)

  • Dates for when the assignment is:

    • Released on: Students are able to view the assignment instructions on their dashboard

    • Due on: The day students must submit their assignment by (time of day is set at 11pm of the time zone in which the course is set in Forum).

    • Grade by: This is for faculty reference to be able to determine if instructors can turn an assignment back to students with feedback before the next one is due.

Once an assignment is created, a link to the assignment in the Assignment Editor will be created. Select the assignment from the list and complete the assignment text including faculty instructions, student instructions, length (typically in word or page count), and the assignment format options. Lastly, you can select LOs that are likely to be applied by students in the assignment.

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