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Rescheduling a Class at the Class Level
Rescheduling a Class at the Class Level
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You can see and edit all class meetings at the class level through the ‘Options’ tab. This allows you to reschedule individual classes.

Calendar overview

To find your class on the calendar, go to the ‘Options’ tab of your class.

Click ‘View on Calendar’ to view your class meeting on the calendar.

Class meetings are represented by colored circles on the calendar:

  • Green: Class meetings with a published lesson

  • Gray: Class meetings whose lesson plan is not yet published

    • These class meetings are not visible to participants

  • Blue: Optional class meetings

  • Pink: Holidays

Class meetings can be added, edited and removed directly from the calendar. You can change future class meeting times, regardless of their publication status. Changes to the section start date and the section meeting pattern will cause future classes to be rescheduled.

If you would like to add a class meeting on a date that doesn’t have one, select the date and click “Add Class Meeting.” Forum will automatically place the next lesson plan (using sequential numbering) on that date, and automatically adjust other lesson plans after that date so that they run in order. For example, if Session 1 is on Monday and Session 2 is on Friday, and you add a class meeting on Wednesday of the same week, Session 2 will be moved up to fill that meeting.

​​For ease of scheduling, all dates and times on the section edit page are displayed in the timezone of the section. The timezone will be displayed on the class meeting if you hover over the time.

Elsewhere on Forum class times and dates are displayed in your computer's local time zone.

How do I change the date and time of a class?

To edit the date and/or time of a single class, click the Edit button on the class meeting:

Choose the new date, time, and class duration for the class meeting, and click Save.

Note that all dates and times on the section page and section calendar are displayed in the timezone of the section.

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