Featuring a Breakout Document
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Featuring a Breakout Document

In the classroom, instructors can feature a breakout group’s document for further discussion once the breakout has ended.

To access the breakout group resource, click the Breakouts tab from the toolbar.

Then, click the dropdown icon next to the breakout group you want to feature. From here, click Resource to feature that group’s breakout resource. In addition, the People button will feature the breakout group members.

Featuring a Breakout Document from the Resources Tab

In the classroom, instructors can feature breakout documents from the resources tab. From the toolbar, click the Resources icon. Then, select the desired breakout document under Breakout Resources.

From the drop down menu, please select the breakout group whose document you wish to feature.

Once the desired breakout group has been selected, you can click on Resource to feature the breakout document.

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