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Edit and Publish an Assignment
Edit and Publish an Assignment
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To update assignment information in Forum, you must make and publish changes to the assignment in Course Builder. Any edits made and published to the assignment will be visible to all users who have access to that assignment.

Note that viewing, editing and publishing assignments in Course Builder is dependent on your role. For more information on roles, see this article.

Understanding the assignment editor page

The assignment editor allows you to update and publish assignment information.

  • Description for instructors: Only visible to instructors by clicking on View Instructor Notes on the assignment page in Forum. Use this section to include key notes for instructors, such as tips for scoring.

  • Student instructions: This is the student facing instructions that is displayed on the main assignment page in Forum.

  • Type: Set if the assignment should be submitted by an individual or by a group.

  • Length: Set the maximum length of the assignment. It can be expressed in any format (e.g. words, characters, etc.).

    • Note that the length is not enforced by Forum; students can upload a submission of any length, and it is up to the grader to enforce the maximum length.

  • Format: The file format that the student can upload. See more information on file formats in this article.

  • Plagiarism detection on PDF submissions: This option will only be available if your organization has opted to use Forum's plagiarism detection feature. If enabled, graders will see a plagiarism detection report in the Forum assignment grader when grading submissions.

Managing assignment dates

Dates for an assignment are set from the course page in the Assignments section:

To edit these dates, hover over the assignment row and click on the pencil icon:

You'll then see an expanded view where you can set the day and week for each assignment date:

Definitions of the assignment date are:

  • Released on: When students are able to view the assignment instructions on their dashboard

  • Due on: The day students must submit their assignment by (time of day is set at 11pm of the time zone in which the course is set in Forum).

  • Grade by: This is for faculty reference to be able to determine if instructors can turn an assignment back to students with feedback before the next one is due.

Managing assignment weights

If you are using assessment-type grading for the course, then assignment weights are set on the course page under the Course Score Calculation section. Click the Edit button to set the % weight of the assignment.

If you're using course objective grading, then set the assessment weight from the Assignment section of the course page.

Publishing an assignment

To publish an assignment:

  • Make sure that the syllabus has been published from the Course Builder course page and that the sections in Forum have been setup with a start date, class meeting times, etc.

  • Click on the cloud icon at the top right of the assignment page

  • Click Verify and ensure there are no errors with the assignment

    • If there are any errors, resolve them before publishing

  • Click Publish

If you're still experiencing issues publishing the assignment, please see this FAQ article.

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