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Assignments can be viewed in both Forum and Course Builder. Instructor roles and above can access assignment details preview in Forum and Course Builder. Only Authors, Reviewers, and Admins can access the assignment editor in Course Builder.

Navigate to the assignment preview

All instructors for a class should have access to the assignment preview. The preview includes all details of the assignment, including notes visible only to the instructor.

To navigate to the preview:

  • Open the assignment page in Forum

  • Click on the View Instructor Notes button on the right

Alternatively, if you're already in Course Builder:

  • Open the Course page of the relevant course

  • Navigate to the desired assignment

  • Click on the assignment title or Preview button

Navigate to the assignment editor

The lesson plan editor is only available to users who have an Author or Reviewer role on the course. Otherwise, you can only access the assignment preview (see section above).

To open the assignment editor:

  • Open the desired course in Course Builder

  • Navigate to the desired assignment

  • Click on the assignment title

For more information on how to edit and publish assignments, see this article.

“Explore” functionality in submitted workbook assignments

Forum Workbooks and Forum Code Workbooks have an “Explore” tab that becomes visible after the workbook has been submitted for grading. After submitting an assignment, the original submission cannot be edited and is made read-only. While the original submission is read-only, the “Explore” tab allows the student or instructor to edit the workbook further and in the case of a Code Workbook, run the code without changing the original submission.

Any edits made in the “Explore” tab will not affect the original submission. If an instructor makes edits in an “Explore” tab, these edits will not be visible to the student and similarly, if the student makes edits in the “Explore” tab these will not be visible to the instructor.

See example screenshots of the original submission tab (in read-only mode) and the Explore tab.

This feature is particularly useful for Forum Code Workbooks, as it can assist instructors in grading the workbook. It also allows students to experiment with improving their original submission after it is due and run those changes directly in the workbook.

In a Code Workbook in the Explore tab, if you edit a code cell or run the code, an option will appear to “Reset to Original Submission” (see screenshot below), which reverts that code cell and code outputs back to what the student originally submitted. This reset functionality is intended for instructors who may need to modify a student’s code for grading purposes, but need to easily revert the code and output back the student’s original submission.

This “Explore” functionality is not currently available for Forum Docs or Forum Code Docs.

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