Why can't I publish a course, lesson plan or assignment?

There are various reasons why this may happen. A few things to check:

  • If you don't see the publish button at all, make sure you have the correct role on the course. You'll need to be a Reviewer role on the course or an admin for your organization to publish courses. See more info here for how to check your course role.

  • If you see the publish button and can click it, but the publish fails, check to see if there are any highlighted errors in the syllabus or lesson plan. You'll see highlighted errors marked with a red warning sign.

  • If all errors have been resolved but the publish still fails, then:

    • Make sure that the section has been setup in Forum. Lesson plans and assignments cannot be published until course syllabus has been published and the Forum section has been setup with a start date, weekly meeting times, etc.

    • If you're using assessment-type grading (i.e. weighting assignments and class scores with % weights), make sure the Course Score Calculation section of the course page totals 100%.

    • If the above fails, then file a bug by following the steps here.

Why can't I access the PDFs when I click on the Review Syllabus or Lesson Plan buttons in Forum?

  • Make sure that you're able to access Course Builder. You can check this by clicking on the Course Builder button on the section page in Forum, or by reaching out to your administrator.

  • Check that you have been added to the course as (at least) an Instructor role by reaching out to your administrator or course manager.

  • If you've verified you have access to Course Builder and have been correctly added to the course, then try republishing the course and/or lesson plan. If you don't have access to republish, contact your administrator or course manager to ask them to publish.

Can I create different versions of the same course in Course Builder that correspond to different sections in Forum?

No; since Course Builder has no notion of sections (see here), it does not support creating variations of the same course that correspond to different Forum sections.

If your program requires that the same course has content variations for different sections, the best solution would be to set them up as different courses in Course Builder. However, talk to your Academic Program Manager to understand the best option.

I published the course, but I don’t see the lesson plans or assignments in Forum. What do I do?

Publishing a course will not publish its associated lesson plans or assignments. Make sure you open each individual lesson plan and assignment and publish it to Forum.

Why aren't my course's lesson plans showing up on the correct date in the Forum section?

Make sure that the lesson plans are numbered correctly on the Course Builder course page, meaning:

  • There are no repeats of the same number (e.g. Session 1, Session 1, Session 2)

  • There are no skipped numbers (e.g. Session 1, Session 3, Session 4)

If you see any numbering issues, be sure to resolve them by clicking on the edit icon next to the lesson plan title:

I’ve verified the lesson plan and there are no errors, but when I select “Publish,” I get an error. How do I resolve this?

  • Try refreshing the page

  • Sometimes it's possible that an error exists but isn't being highlighted correctly. Some areas to check are:

    • On the Basic Class Information page, make sure that there are no empty outcomes

    • On breakout steps, ensure that there are breakout resources set for each group

  • If the issue still does not resolve, then file a bug by following the steps below.

How do I report a bug in Course Builder?

To file a bug, click on the question mark icon at the top right of the Course Builder page:

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