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Edit and Publish a Course
Edit and Publish a Course
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To update syllabus information for a section in Forum, you must make those changes to the corresponding course in Course Builder and publish those changes.

Note that viewing, editing and publishing courses in Course Builder is dependent on your course role. For more information on roles, see this article.

Adding and viewing comments

Only authors, reviewers and admins can leave comments on a course in Course Builder.

To add a comment, hover over the right margins of the Course page until you see a comment bubble appear. Click on the comment bubble, type in your comment and save. You can also view comments from your colleagues by clicking on existing comment bubbles. The numbers in the existing comment bubbles represent how many comments are in the thread.

Editing a course

Any edits made to the course will be visible to all users who have access to that course.

If you have edit access on a course, all sections of the Course page are always editable except:

  • Course code: The course code is not editable if the course has already been published to Forum. If it has not been published, you can click on the course code at the top of the page to edit.

  • Course Type policies: Course Type policies are defined on the Course Type, and so cannot be edited for an individual course. You can find the Course Type policy in the Policies section under the For Courses Like This sub-header.

  • System-wide policies: System-wide policies are defined at the organization level and so cannot be edited for an individual course. You can find the System-wide policy in the Policies section under the For Every Course sub-header.

Saving changes to a course

Changes to a course are automatically saved. There is no need to explicitly save any changes. If there are any issues with saving, the page will display an alert.

You can also see feedback that your changes are saving by looking at the top left of the Course page:

Publishing a course

Publishing changes on a course will push those changes to all corresponding sections in Forum. To learn more about the relationship between Forum and Course Builder, see this article.

Only reviewers (and admins) can publish a course to Forum. If you do not see the button to publish a course, make sure you have the correct role.

To publish a course:

  • Click on the cloud icon in the top right of the Course page

  • Click Publish at the top of the dropdown

  • Review the set of changes highlighted in the pop-up, and confirm the publish

If there are any errors on the Course page that need to be corrected, these will be flagged when following the publish steps above. These errors will be highlighted on the Course page for easy identification. Once you've resolved the flagged issues, try publishing the course again.

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