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The Syllabus page in Course Builder is the main page for any course. It contains links to all relevant information in the course, including lesson plans, assignments, and more. It is also the page that generates the PDF version of the syllabus, which is accessible from Forum and visible to participants.

Quickly navigate the Syllabus page by using the links under Syllabus Outline on the left side of the page. The course code and term will also always be displayed at the top left of the page so that you always know which course and term you are working on.

Navigate to the Syllabus page

If you're in Forum and are either an Instructor for the section or an admin, you can login to Course Builder by:

  • Navigating to the section page

  • Clicking on the Course Builder button on the right side

If you're in Course Builder, then:

  • Click on the logo in the top left corner to take you to the Course Builder home page

  • Once on the homepage, make sure that the correct term is selected, as well as All Courses and All Course Types

    • If you know the Course Type of the course you're looking for, you can also click on a specific Course Type to filter

  • Click on the blue course code of the Course

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