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Section Grading Data
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Instructors can access an aggregated view of absences, grades and more for participants in their sections. This view also provides detailed assessment data, such as how many scores per assessment type have been given to a student.

How to view section grading data

This section can be viewed by any user who has a Faculty role or higher.

  • Click on Section underneath Grading on the left navigation bar

  • Ensure the Overview tab is selected at the top of the page. If there are multiple terms listed, also be sure to select the correct term.

  • The page will list your sections and the associated grading information

Understanding the section grading data

The data presented is meant to help instructors and faculty understand the overall standing of the participants in their classes and the distribution of assessments. Note that some of these fields are customizable per organization. If you do not see a field on your section grading page, contact your administrator to see if it has been disabled for your organization.

  • Video Assess.: The number of assessments given for class video recordings

  • Poll Assess.: The number of assessments given for polls

  • Pre-Class Work Assess.: The number of assessments given for pre-class work

  • Late Arrivals: The number of times a participant arrived late to class

  • Unexcused Absences: The number of absences that are unexcused*

  • Documented Absences: The number of absences that are documented*

  • Total Absences: The total number of absences*

  • 24 Hour Extensions Used: The number of assignment extensions a participant has accrued.

    • This number is calculated by taking the number of days past an assignment due date an assignment was submitted. For example, if an assignment was submitted 48 hours after the due date, that will count as 2 assignment extensions.

  • Avg. Outcome: The current overall outcome score for that section. This is based on how course scores have been calculated.

  • Projected Grade: The projected letter grade for that section. Note that this is an optional field, and must be enabled for your organization's administrator.

*For more information on how absences are calculated, see Tracking Absences in Forum

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