Offline classes support hybrid courses that have both online and in-person components. With offline classes, participants can still see the class times, readings, resources and pre-class work, but there would be no classroom to enter.

How do offline classes appear in Forum?

Offline classes will be listed as "offline" in the Upcoming classes section of Forum:

On the class page of an offline class:

  • The Enter Class button is disabled

  • Pre-class work, readings, and resources are still shown

    • Note: Pre-class workbooks are still locked at the beginning of class. This means that pre-class workbooks cannot be worked on during the offline class time.

Grading offline classes

Instructors can only assess an offline class if there is pre-class work assigned to that class. Otherwise, the Assess Class button on the class page will be disabled.

If there is pre-class work in the offline class, then the instructor can click on the Assess Class button after the class has passed. From there, they'll have the ability to grade the pre-class work in the class grader.

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