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Viewing Class Recordings and Assessments
Viewing Class Recordings and Assessments
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Forum has the ability to provide class recordings, and their related assessments, to participants. If you have missed a class or would like to review a past class, you can view these recordings from your home page.

There are two ways to view class assessments, from the Class Assessments page, or, the individual class page.

To view class assessments, go to your home page, and locate the Class Assessments option on the left side of your screen.

From here, you will see the list of your courses and each individual class link. Under the “status” section on the right of the page, you will be able to see the view recording status. Click on the desired session’s view recording button to view the class information.

You can also access the recording by clicking on the class link.

A view recording button will appear in the upper right corner once you have selected the class you wish to view. Once you are on the class page, you can click the view recording option from either the middle or upper right corner of the page.

When you are on the recording page, you will have to select the “video” tab to see the recorded session. From here you can watch the recording, fast forward, or click specific class events in the timeline to jump to that section in the video.

Adjusting Video Playback Rate

To adjust the video playback rate click the 1x button next to the video progress bar. This increases the playback rate by 0.25 increments up to 2.5x. Clicking past 2.5x lowers the rate to 0.5x.

If you have any questions regarding recordings, starting a recording, trimming a recording, etc., please reach out to live support or email

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