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Deleting Assignments
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Assignments can be deleted from Forum.

Deleting assignments using Forum

Assignments can only be deleted from Forum by an academic-admin role or higher. To delete an assignment go to the assignment page. Click Delete Assignment on the right side of the page.

Note that assignments that already have graded submissions cannot be deleted. However, you can still delete assignments with submissions, as long as they have not yet been graded.

How deleting assignments affects course score calculation

If you delete an assignment that has a percentage weight used for calculating course grades, then that assignment's percentage weight will be distributed proportionally across the remaining assignments. An example scenario is:

  • A course has 3 assignments: Assignment 1 (20%), Assignment 2 (10%), and Assignment 3 (15%)

  • Assignment 3 (15%) is deleted

  • Assignment 1 will now be worth 30% (+10%), and Assignment 2 will be worth 15% (+5%)

This is to best preserve the intention of the original assignment weights as accurately as possible.

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