Assessing Pre Class Work
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Assessing Pre-Class Work

Viewing Pre-Class Work to Grade

To view pre-class work, click either the Assess Class or Assess this class button, as pictured below.

Assigning Scores to Pre-Class Workbooks

Click the Workbooks tab to see student’s responses to pre-class workbooks.

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Using the Who portion of the left sidebar, select a student to assess by selecting their name in the dropdown or pressing Next to view the students in alphabetical order.

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Click the Add a General Score or Comment button and fill in the learning outcome, desired score, and optional comment. Click Save to save the score and/or comment, or Cancel to undo. To add multiple assessments to a workbook, click Add a General Score or Comment again.

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Publishing Scores

To publish the scores for all students, click Unpublished in the upper right. A message will appear asking, ‘Are you sure you want to release these scores and comments to students?’ Click OK to release the scores.

Student does not have pre-class work

As you assess pre-class work, you may see a message, “No workbooks exist for this student.” This is likely because the student has not accessed or completed the pre-class work. Workbooks are created on demand as student’s view the class info page the first time, so for students who never accessed that page prior to five minutes before class starts, a workbook will never be generated.

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