A Forum Workbook can be formatted as Pre-Class Work, for the participant to complete and bring to the start of the session.

Authoring in Coursebuilder

To create a workbook that can be used for pre-class work, select the “Resources” tab within the Lesson Plan editor. From the “Create a New Resource” dropdown, select either “Forum Workbook” or “Forum Code Workbook”.

Then, in the “Edit LP” tab, select “Basic Class Information” and scroll down to “Pre-Class Work”. Within the “Add a Pre-Class Work Resource, select the workbook that you created in the step above.

Before Class in Forum

Participants will see the Workbook in the Pre-Class Work section of the class page. They enter answers directly on the page, and can back and edit their work at any time. All answers are immediately saved as they type.

Instructors see a read-only version of the Workbook on the class page, to confirm what students are seeing.

During Class on Forum

In the classroom, lesson plans with attached Pre-Class Workbooks will have a new "Pre-Class Work" section in the Resource sidebar. Clicking the title of the Pre-Class Workbook will display the summary view to the class.

Section Switching

If a participant switches between sections of a course, any Pre-Class Work attached to a class that has already run will remain accessible to the participant on the previous section's class page. However, the participant will lose access to any Pre-Class Work attached to a class session that has not yet taken place. Participants should therefore be advised to make manual copies of any Pre-Class Work in progress before section switching occurs.

Current limitations:

  • Workbooks are automatically locked when class begins, so participants cannot continue to edit their responses after the start of class.

  • There is not (yet) a way to bring Pre-Class Workbooks into a breakout session. As a workaround, you could ask participants to paste their pre-class work into the breakout resource.

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