A participant with the Instructor, Guest Instructor, or Assistant role may pin another participant to a pane on the stage by clicking the pin icon that appears when hovering over that participant.

Clicking the pin icon will toggle between Unpinned and Pinned:

Pinning a participant to a pane will keep them in that pane on the stage until either:

  • The user is unpinned, which makes them eligible to be removed if someone else speaks

  • The stage configuration is changed (e.g. by moving to the next activity in the timeline)

  • Another participant is dragged into the pane currently occupied by the pinned participant

  • The pinned participant is dragged to a new pane

When a participant is pinned:

  • They cannot use the 'Remove' button to take themselves off stage.

  • They will be kept on stage if the instructor uses the 'Shuffle' button

Sometimes participants are automatically pinned, such as when featuring a breakout group.

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