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Navigating Group Assignments
Navigating Group Assignments
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Navigating Group Assignments

For Participants:

When there is a group assignment, only one member of the group will need to upload and submit the assignment. Once any group member has submitted the assignment, all members of the group will see it as “Submitted” on Forum.

For Instructors:

Instructors can set assignments as group assignments in Course Builder by setting the assignment type as Group. Groups can be determined by:

  • Students: Groups will be determined by allocating a specific number of students per assignment group

  • Groups: Groups will be determined by ensuring there are a specific number of groups

  • Section groups: Groups will be determined by section groups

Editing Assignment Groups

Instructors can edit assignment groups in Forum. To edit assignment groups, go to Assignments in the left-hand navigation menu, click on the particular group assignment you want to update, and under the Assignment group header you will find the assignment groups. Click Add a group to create groups, and use the drag hands on the left of each student name to move them between groups.

For section-based assignment groups, manually dragging and dropping a student in-between assignment groups will stop the groups from being section-based. This means that any future updates to the section groups will no longer automatically update the assignment groups. Once a student is manually moved between assignment groups, you'll see the banner update to reflect that assignment groups are no longer determined by section groups. This can be undone by clicking on Use section groups instead on the banner.

More on section-based assignment groups

For Section groups, assignment groups will be determined by section groups. A banner will appear under the Assignment group header on the assignment details page that states that the assignment groups are determined by section groups.

Clicking Edit section groups directly from that banner to edit the section groups. Any edits to a section group will also update an assignment group.

For more information on Section Groups in Forum visit Overview of Section Groups.

Grades with assignment groups

If students are moved from one assignment group to another after scores are assigned, then the score for that group assignment will no longer apply to the student. This action will not affect the score of the group.

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