Using Backup Instructors Capabilities

Backup instructors are able to take over a class if needed by becoming the instructor. A backup instructor can also edit enrollments, the class start time/date, and other class settings. Backup instructors go to the breakout control room during breakouts, but do not have a star next to their name in the classroom.

Adding a Backup Instructor

Under the People Module, add backup instructors by typing in their name or email into the text box. The name of the backup instructor will appear here once you add them.

Becoming the Instructor

If you are a Backup Instructor and need to take over the class, go to the gear menu and select the "Become Instructor" button. When you select this, the existing instructor becomes a Backup Instructor, the classroom reloads for anyone present, and after it reloads you are the main instructor.

Navigating to Backup Courses

To find your backup courses, click Backup Courses in the left navigation menu, under ‘Courses.’

Click the links under Section Title for further information regarding your backup courses.

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