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Navigating the Timeline
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In the Keyboard Shortcuts menu, there is a list of shortcuts for navigating the timeline.

Click the timeline icon to open the Timeline. The timeline contains buttons for each step in the lesson plan, along with the designed duration of each activity. When you click on a step (e.g., Discuss a Document), the classroom configuration will change to match. The active section of the timeline will be blue.

Starting Polls and Breakouts from the Timeline


Click the timeline step containing the poll you want to start, such as the ‘Multiple Choice Poll’ shown below. This will make the poll appear for participants.


Similar to Polls, you can click a Breakout activity on the timeline. This will send the class into breakouts. See Breakout Control Room and Tabs for more on what happens for an instructor during a breakout.

You can end breakouts by pressing the “End Breakout” button on the active timeline step or on the breakouts sidebar. When you end a breakout, the timeline will remain on the breakout step so you can debrief. When you are ready to move on, click the next timeline step.

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