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Overview of Classroom Controls
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Some Forum controls are available to all users, including instructors:

Classroom chat

Classrooms contain a chat where you can write about the session’s material. See Classroom chat for more information.


Reactions allow you to express how you feel about what’s happening in class. There are eight reactions you can choose from in the Signal rollup. See Reactions for more information.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are many keyboard shortcuts available for use in the classroom. For a list of all keyboard shortcuts available to instructors, TAs, and students, visit Keyboard Shortcuts.

Whiteboard and Drawing Controls

Virtual whiteboards are available for use in all classrooms. Each whiteboard has drawing controls you can use to edit the whiteboard. See Whiteboard and Drawing Controls which explains these controls in more detail.

Classroom Resources

Forum supports many kinds of resources. See Adding Classroom Resources for more information.

Sharing Your Screen

In the toolbar, there is a Share Your Screen option which will share your screen (tab, window, page) with the rest of the class. Visit Sharing Your Screen for more details.

Using an iPad

To enhance your experience drawing on the whiteboard it is encouraged that you use an iPad. See Using an iPad for a comprehensive guide on setting up your iPad for use in the classroom.

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