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Viewing Your Calendar on Other Devices
Viewing Your Calendar on Other Devices
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For quick access to your class schedule and assignment due dates, add your Forum calendar into Google Calendar or Calendar on MacOS.

Finding Calendar Link on Forum

Select the Edit Profile option from the Profile menu.

Near the bottom of that page, click Copy Calendar Link to copy the calendar link to clipboard.

How to View on Google Calendar

Log into your email account and go to your Google Calendar at

On the left sidebar, click the arrow button next to Other calendars and select the From URL menu option.

Paste the calendar URL from your profile page into the text box. You should now see all of your Forum classes and assignment due dates on your Google calendar.

How to View on Calendar on MacOS

Open the Calendar application on your computer, then under the File menu select New Calendar Subscription.

Paste the URL of your Calendar into the pop-up and click Subscribe.

Now, your classes and assignment due dates will be loaded on your calendar.

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