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How to Create a Class
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You can create your own classrooms to use for meetings and collaboration. These classrooms do not have a lesson plan, timeline, nor moments bookmarked. You can use other features of classrooms such as polls, breakouts, class recording and resources.

To create a class:

In the left navigation bar, click All Events.

On the All Events module, click the Create Classroom button.

You have the ability to change the settings of your classroom from the class details page.

  • Click the Polls & Breakouts tab to create polls and breakout groups.

  • Click the Focused Outcomes tab to add Learning Outcomes to assess students on. If you are a Professor and would like further information on this tab, refer to the ‘Class Edit and Pages’ for further information.

  • Click the People tab to add other people to the classroom.

  • Click the Options tab to change the class time and date. If you want the class to only allow specific users to enter, select the Closed Class checkbox and then add the other desired participants as Students. Otherwise, leave the box unchecked.

  • Click the Publish Class tab to make the class available to yourself and other users, which is mandatory before entering a class.

  • Click the Enter Class tab to enter the classroom.

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