To access grading reports, click Reports in the left navigation. There are three types of grading reports available: Section Summary, Assessment Details, and Assessment


A Section Summary report is a CSV with a row per student. You can configure the columns to include (or not include) various section-level information including the current letter grade, average outcome score, and counts of different types of absences.

An Assessment Details report is a CSV with a row per score, including all types of assessments (poll, video, and assignment), along with columns showing who gave the score, any comments given, the date/time, and the targeted HC or LO.

An Assessment Audit report is a CSV with a row per score, but rather than only showing you current scores (as the Assessment Details report does) it shows all revisions to scores including deletions. This enables you to see when any changes were made and who made them.

All three of these reports can be scoped to be as wide as a term (including all sections of all courses to which you have access) or as narrow as a single section.

When you create a new report, choose the scope, and give the report a name. The report will be saved in the "My Reports" module. Click the name of the report to download the latest data at any time. For more information about the meaning of each column in these reports, see the Data Dictionary for Reports.

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