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How to Submit an Assignment
How to Submit an Assignment
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Finding your assignment

On the home page, there are two ways to find your upcoming assignment description and submit your work: The (1) Assignments page or (2) Assignments due in the next 7 days module.

The Assignments page contains the Upcoming Assignments and Past Assignments modules. The modules list each assignment and its title, weight, due date, and submission status. The possible submission statuses are:

  • Not submitted

    • Displayed in gray if > 7 days until due

    • Displayed in orange if <=7 days until due

    • Displayed in red if overdue

  • Submitted

    • Displayed in green

  • View Your Scores

    • Displayed as a link once the instructor has released scores

An assignment can also be accessed by clicking on its course page. The assignments associated with a course are shown in the Assignments module.

Submitting an assignment

For information on submitting a Workbook assignment, see this section.

After you have navigated to the desired assignment page, the Submit module is in the top right corner. If a file has not yet been uploaded, you will see the message, “Your submission has not yet been submitted or finalized.” To turn in your work, click the Submit button and select the file you want to upload.

After uploading, a message confirming submission will be displayed along with a confirmation number. If a confirmation message is not displayed on the screen, the submission is not finalized and does not register as a submitted assignment.

Submitting a Forum Workbook or Forum Code Workbook Assignment

In the right sidebar of the assignment page, you will see these options:

Open Workbook will open your personal copy of the workbook. You can access this copy at any time. Changes are saved automatically; However, losing internet connection and closing the tab before regaining connection will result in loss of progress.

For group assignments, you and your group can collaborate in real-time and will share the same document.

To submit your workbook, click Submit current state.This will create a read-only copy of your workbook that is submitted and finalized, making it available to the instructor to grade.

Re-submitting an Assignment

For information on re-submitting a Workbook assignment, see this section.

If you would like to upload a new file, click Re-submit.

A notification will appear, asking you to confirm your resubmission—click OK. Then, click Upload File and select your desired file. The new submission is now successfully uploaded.

Please note that re-submitting an assignment updates the old time of submission to the new resubmission time, which may cause your assignment to be marked as late.

Resubmitting a Forum Workbook or Code Workbook

You can continue to make edits to your workbook after submitting an initial version, and can resubmit the updated version. You will see a list of all submissions on the assignment page.

The most recent version of the submission will be highlighted to the instructor to grade, although the instructor will be able to view all past submitted versions of the assignment.

Similar to non-workbook assignments, re-submitting a workbook assignment updates the old time of submission to the new resubmission time, which may cause your assignment to be marked as late.

Archived copies for Forum Workbooks or Code Workbooks

If you see a version titled Archived copy, it means that:

  • The instructor has updated the Workbook (e.g. the Workbook questions have been changed, the assignment type has changed from a Forum Workbook to a Code Workbook, etc.), or that

  • You had an in-progress Workbook and were switched to a different section

The in-progress work you had completed for the assignment is saved in the archived copy. You can reference your old work when adapting it to the new format.

What Happens to my Workbook Submission if I Switch Sections?

If you switch sections and have an in-progress workbook, your work in the previous section will appear as an archived copy in the new section.

Note that for group assignments, the workbook will not be archived, meaning the user switching sections will not gain access to an archived version. Instead, they gain access to the current work-in-progress version of the new group that they are a part of.

Failed Assignment Submission Troubleshooting Tips

If you have trouble submitting a file, check to be sure the following are true:

  • The file name contains only letters of the alphabet (A-Z) and/or numbers (0-9) with no special characters or spaces in the name.

  • The file submitted is either a PDF or .zip file.

  • The file is less than 50mb.

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