Sharing Your Screen
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Sharing your screen is helpful in situations where you want everyone to see something that isn’t easily shown by uploading a PDF or writing on a whiteboard.

Sharing your Screen with the Class

To share your screen with the class, click the Share Your Screen on the toolbar. A window will appear and ask you to choose what you'd like to share.

If you want to share everything on your screen, choose Your Entire Screen. Alternatively, you can share only a particular window by selecting Application Window. Or, you can also choose to share a specific tab by selecting Chrome Tab.

Then you must select the screen, window, or tab you wish to share. A blue border will appear around the option you have selected, as shown below. Once this is complete, click the share button to begin your screen share.

When you share your screen, particularly if you chose Your Entire Screen, it may look like the image below. If this happens, bring the window you’d like to share to the front.

If you are sharing a Chrome tab, you can select a different tab to share by clicking Change Source.

Click on the red Share Your Screen option in the toolbar to stop sharing your screen or window in the classroom.

Sharing Your Audio while Sharing Your Screen

You have the option to also share your audio while you are sharing your screen. On MacOS, only the audio of a tab can be shared. On Windows, the entire system audio can be shared.

Alternatively, if you are facing difficulty with sharing your screen due to the new macOS Catalina update, please visit Sharing Your Screen - macOS Catalina Update.

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