This article makes reference to several keyboard shortcuts.

Stage Manipulation

To change the number of people on stage, use the 1-8 keys on your keyboard. This will create 1-8 panes on the stage for you to fill. For instance, pushing the 5 key will change the stage to have 5 empty panes, as seen below.

You can also change the layout and fill panes with students using a single command. Press ‘shift’ + ‘alt’ + ‘1-8’ to populate the stage with 1-8 students who have less than average talk time. Press ‘alt’ + ‘1-8’ to populate the stage with 1-8 random students.

To remove everything from the stage, click the settings menu (gear icon) and then click Clear Main Stage.

Dragging Resources and Students to the Stage

There are various ways to fill the stage panes with user videos or resources. The simplest way is to click and drag the person or resource to a pane.

Click the Documents icon in the toolbar for a list of documents you can drag into a pane.

To move specific user videos to the stage, you can either drag a video from the participant bar or drag the user by name from the Directory option in the toolbar.

Resources and student videos can be moved to different panes as often as you want. However, a given resource or student video can not appear in more than one pane at the same time.

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